Ducket Dictionary
Compiled by David Morton

Visiting Berwick for the first time? If so, then you'll need to consult this guide to understand what the hell the locals are on about.

A'reetma' Haga-  A greeting between Berwick males when names have yet to be exchanged

Bar- úPounds

Bary- Very nice

Buckie- Stone

Bull- Intercourse

Cantle- Head

Capture- Female Berwicker

Chava- Young Berwick male

Clemies- Testicles

Cope- Good

Coosty- Very good

Coupon- Face

Covied- Dead

Cowie- Anything

Cowped- Overturned

Deek- Look

Doses- Lots

Doobies- Money

Doylem- Idiot

Felled- Outfought

Fettle- Mood

Footsy- Bad/off

Gull- Person from Eyemouth

Gurie- Man

Hawker- Romany traveling people

Heind- Countryfolk

Hick- Countryfolk

Hornies- Police

Humming- Smelly

Interlowper- Outside, currently residing in Berwick

Joogle- Dog

Keekers- Eyes

Keer- House

Ladged- Embarrassed

Lowie- Money

Loup- Jump over

Lowsed- Done for

Mangin- Speaking

Mank- Dirt

Manishee- Female

Mortal- Drunk

Moy- Mouth

Muckle- Massive

Nash- Run away

Pad- Walk

Panny- Rain

Peeve- Alcohol

Peever- Pub

Plaff- Feet

Radgee- Mentally unstable person

Reek- Smoke

Rory- Mad

Rootle-Tootle- Totally mad

Rooty- Mad

Scran- Foodstuff

Screeve- Car

Scunner- Sickener

Shan- Bad/Poor

Skids- Underpants

Slash- Urinate

Spragged- Informed

Teek- Bed

Toley- A number two

Wing- Pence

Yag- Fire

Yak- Face

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